Choose between a licensed or unlicensed spectrum wireless link available as a Point-to-point(PTP) or Point-to-multipoint(PTMP) solution. We have dedicated and broadband wireless solutions available and these links are perfect where no other connectivity solutions are available or as a failover on your existing fibre link for when those unforeseen outages occur.



Point-to-point (PTP) wireless solutions are the perfect solution if you are in a more remote location or if you require the best quality solution as an alternative to fibre internet. With no infrastructure being required in the form of trenching you can get a PTP wireless link deployed relatively quickly. PTP wireless networks can also provide a safe method to create a network for locations within a fixed space, for example within an office park where a developer or landlord may not want any trenching to occur.

The benefits of a PTP wireless link include:

  • PTP wireless link provide a high level of encryption
  • With no cables in the ground, there is a lower risk of cables being damaged by construction or theft
  • PTP wireless links with limited connection points minimize the risk of accidents or vandalism
  • PTP is reliable as they share the same line of sight
  • A cost-effective solution in remote areas


The benefits of a PTP wireless link include:

  • Relatively low-cost equipment compared to other solutions
  • With a simple installation process, a PTMP link can be installed when a line of sight survey is concluded
  • A reliable solution as no trenching is required and installation does not affect business operation as the microwave is mounted on the outside of the building
  • Lower cost solution vs PTP as this link is shared with multiple customers

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