Stellar offers a number of business partner options to our resellers, dealers, and agents which can be customised to suit your requirements. We aim to offer aggressive pricing structures to our partners to ensure a partner’s growth whilst maintaining service levels to your customers.

Some of the benefits of dealing with Stellar:

Which model works for you?


The Stellar Reseller model is for partners that have an established team and wish to actively sell business services. Resellers would be required to invoice their own customers, and provider level 1 and 2 support. This model allows for a higher profit but the criteria to become a Stellar reseller are based on many factors to ensure resellers are geared to provide Stellar service.


Our Stellar Dealer model caters to partners that have an existing base of clients to target but do not necessarily have a team large enough to service the clients and would use Stellar’s team to invoice clients as well as provide levels 2 and 3 support. This is the perfect model to start on if you have an established IT company or are already on sell connectivity and voice services and require an aggressive pricing structure.


Here you can use your knowledge and portfolio to build an annuity income for yourself whilst leveraging all of Stellar’s resources. Stellar would invoice the client as well as provide full support to your clients. This model does allow partners to grow and is a great starting point if you are looking to start selling connectivity and voice services but need some guidance and support to get going.

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Other Services

In addition to the listed ICT solutions, we also offer comprehensive IT consulting, strategic technology planning to help businesses stay ahead in the digital age.

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