VoIP technology lets you make calls using the internet instead of a phone line. This can save you money on your monthly phone bill, and it’s perfect for calling friends and family overseas. VoIP also lets you easily connect with others by voice, video, or text chat. Did you know that you can now move or port your non-geographic numbers like 087, 0800, and 0860 numbers as well as your traditional geographic numbers like 011, 021, and 012 numbers?

Stellar PBX Solutions

Get a VoIP PBX solution that works. Stellar PBX has what you need to ensure stable communications experience. With a portal for easy management of your extensions, you can manage your system or let us do it for you. You can signup for this solution online, create new extensions, manage various aspects of your system, and top up your prepaid voice account so that you dont have to worry about those unexpected phone bills. With the Stellar PBX you can get business-class cloud-based features including features including,

  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Number Portability
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced Call Flow
  • View Call Reports
  • and much more…

Click here or visit pbx.stellartechnologies.co.za to experience our self-service SPBX portal today. Sign up for a free number and test our VPHONE soft app or web-based dialer today.

3CX Solutions

The 3CX phone system transforms business communications by incorporating affordable cloud-based pbx with a host of features that will ensure no matter the size of business you require a communication solution you have it all with 3CX.

Benefits included when choosing a 3CX solution include:

  • No per user per month fee. One yearly cost is based on the system size.
  • Single license for phone, video, and live chat.
  • Stay in touch with your team and customers from wherever you are with the 3CX mobiles apps.
  • Live chat with website visitors.
  • Create meetings where participants can join from their browser.
  • Connected your business Facebook account and answer messages from 3CX.
  • Perfect for working remotely.

More about 3CX

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