Need a solution deployed quickly? Then LTE or Fixed LTE is the solution for you. We offer LTE, Fixed LTE, and LTE APN solutions from Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom, and with this wireless data transmission technology, you can connect throughout South Africa much quicker than waiting for a fixed line solution to be installed. LTE is also considered the go-to solution as a failover to ensure you remain online when those unexpected fixed line outages occur.


Use this broadband wireless solution with the widest coverage of any connectivity medium in South Africa. The LTE sim cards work on specific supported routers. With this solution, you have an option for on the go and is subject to coverage. Speeds vary on the LTE solution based on available infrastructure.

Fixed LTE

A Fixed LTE solution is perfect as an interim solution while you wait for your fixed line service to be installed. As the Fixed LTE service connects to a single cellular tower only it does offer more stable quality service and can be used as a failover solution once your fixed line service like fibre has been installed. As this solution is more cost-effective this solution can fulfill a small home office requirement and voice solution do work well over Fixed LTE.


Access point name or APN is a type of gateway to which a mobile device or router can connect to get access to a cellular provider’s core network for data services. This solution is perfect where a quality LTE solution is required and is often used by customers such as courier companies where drivers require sim cards linked to a single backend portal that can be managed with a single larger data bundle, thus giving companies the capability to top up sims quickly ensuring cost are managed effectively.

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